Just how qualified am I? Time for clients and colleagues to weigh in on the matter.

“Linda provided report writing and editing services for over three years and delivered excellent and timely results on a wide variety of subjects and writing engagements. She assisted on important reports ultimately distributed to the public. She has the uncanny ability to handle any writing subject, ranging from HIPAA compliance to government to business to computers and more. She quickly gets up to speed and in some cases surpasses the knowledge of the original writer by quickly and adeptly utilizing internet resources. My final judgment on Linda’s writing skills is simple and sincere:  I am absolutely proud to affix my name to any writing project she has assisted with or edited for me. She adds substantial and surprising value to any writing piece she works on.”

Greg Lotze, CPA, CIA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Linda is detail oriented, organized, and has great drive. She’s fearless when it comes to getting the work done, a great leader, and a motivator. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her as a colleague and friend, and she constantly amazes me with her ‘can do’ attitude. She’s also a talented writer and teacher and gives great attention to offering the most in her workshops. It’s been a pleasure working with her, and I am pleased to call her my business partner.”

Cristina Trapani-Scott, MFA, Author, Former Business Partner at Nor’easter Multimedia

“Every now and then we read something and we immediately think, ‘Wow! That was insightful, thoughtful, and intelligent.’ This has been my reaction to Linda’s work, again and again. She consistently hits the ball out of the park, is a true professional, and of course is fun to work with.”

—Thomas Hark, Western Slopes Business Association President, Richmond, Vermont

“I have worked with Linda to publish an eNewsletter for the Richmond Area Business Association (a.k.a. Western Slopes Business Association). Linda was the Managing Editor. I have found Linda to be an extremely valuable member of the team, as she has worked tirelessly as a volunteer and added great value to the publication with her personal writing style, which I find very engaging. I have read some of her personal blog and find myself wanting more of her writing. I highly recommend Linda as a professional writer, consultant, and colleague.”

—Larry Bowen, Western Slopes Business Association Vice-President, Richmond, Vermont

“Working with Linda has been nothing short of a complete joy. Whether it was by virtual or one-on-one communication, she always seemed to understand exactly what I was saying; this quality carries over into her writing. I am an avid fan of her fiction stories and would highly recommend her for any type of writing project you may have.”

—Will Keyworth, Professional Web and Graphic Design, Huntington, Vermont

“Linda is a professional. She began working for the Vermont Family Network in January 2010 in a position that was unfilled for three months, so she had a great deal to catch up on. Although she had her work cut out for her, she hit the ground running and pulled of the organization of a conference with nearly 300 people only four months later. She is a strong team player and is committed to whatever she takes on. She also has a wonderful sense of humor.”

—June Heston, former CEO at Vermont Family Network, Williston, Vermont

“Linda Cruise’s writing has both humor and deep philosophical insight; I found myself remembering the characters long after I had put down the page. Linda’s dedication, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity made the semester very enjoyable for me. Her attitude was all (and more) I could have expected, her packets were timely and fully executed.”

Mary Yukari Waters, MFA, Author, Winner of the O. Henry Award and Pushcart Prize; MFA Faculty, Spalding U.

“Linda Cruise’s [critical] argument and writing are smart, sophisticated, and graceful; the large amount of initial research she did is evident in the complexity and wisdom of every line, and I was impressed at her awareness of audience in the final product. I appreciated the way she made our work together into an ongoing dialogue.”

—Nancy McCabe, Ph. D. , Pushcart Prize Winner; Faculty and Director of Writing Programs (U.  of Pittsburgh-Bradford); MFA Faculty, Spalding U.

“Linda Cruise gave an all-around excellent lecture that was professional and full of information. Her lecture, entitled ‘Preparing the Ultimate Curriculum Vitae,’ covered all the bases, offering a practical and important lesson in how students could better promote themselves in the job market. Cruise offered a step-by-step guide in her handout and also presented a well-done PowerPoint presentation that made the lecture easier to follow and added a visual element to the presentation. She stated her information with confidence and credibility. I was especially impressed by Linda’s ability to be firm and serious while balancing that with a keen sense of humor that made the lecture feel more conversational and therefore more resonant. This lecture was excellent in all regards and I learned a lot from it, myself.”

Silas House, National-bestselling & Award-winning Author; MFA Faculty, Spalding U.

“I wasn’t sure of my own expectations going into this course, but I can say that I am ‘blown-away’ by how much I learned in six weeks.  Clearly, [Cruise] is very knowledgeable and passionate about writing. But what I appreciated most was how comfortable she made me feel, even with my lack of knowledge, so that I could take full advantage of the class.”

—Kim Jennings, Creative Writing Student, Williston, Vermont

“[Cruise’s] approachable style makes her a great instructor, one you are not afraid to ask questions. She provided great, useful comments on assignments. And the lectures and PowerPoint presentations were very well explained, with great examples and very conversational. The reading selections were great! Hand-outs were also very clear, making it easier to follow the lecture. Classes were always well-prepared and ready to start; and the instructor knew great examples for each topic discussed.”

—Mariana Sears, Creative Writing Student, Williston, Vermont

“Linda is an enthusiastic, dedicated organizer with great follow-through. When she joined the Board of the League of Vermont Writers, she offered specific ideas that will enhance the organization’s standing. I know her to be a member in good standing in her local business community and a diligent editor. She is also an active teacher who offers thought-provoking writing challenges to her students.”

—Katherine Quimby Johnson, MFA, LVW Board of Directors, Underhill, Vermont

“Linda is a talented writer, both in fiction and non-fiction genres, and can polish any piece of writing to publication quality.”

Vicki Riley-Fischer, fellow MFA alum, Orlando, Florida

“I enrolled in Linda’s 6-week writing course with the sole purpose of dusting the cobwebs from my old journals and perhaps, coming up with something new. I had not written creatively in years, and my critical thinking skills had been reduced to dinner planning. From the first class, we hit the ground running. Linda’s well-presented lectures were jam-packed with technical and creative information. Weekly writings were encouraged to develop at a personal rate and students were inspired to move outside of their comfort zones.  Linda’s enthusiasm for writing and concern for her students went way beyond what I expected in a continuing- ed. environment. Whether a casual writer or a serious student this is by far the best creative-writing course for the money.”

—Kelly  A. Bowen, Creative Writing Student, Hinesburg, Vermont


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